About Thakur Institute of Aviation

As an upshot of the globalization of service & manufacturing industries, the aviation industry like few others, has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times. Thakur Educational Group, true to its tradition, has spared no effort to make Thakur Institute of Aviation as one of the finest of its kind in India, proudly offering world class training program of Cabin Crew and Ground Staff to meet the need of personnel working within all aspects of the aviation industry.

Thakur Institute of Aviation, is leading the way for high quality aviation training program in Mumbai to prepare the candidate professionally sound who will be absorbed worldwide and with allied Airline industries. Thakur Institute of Aviation is consistently working for tapping vast industrial relations to provide fast growing career in AVIATION.

Thakur Institute of Aviation puts forward quality training program of Cabin crew/Air Hostess and Airport Ground handling Staff in the field of aviation. This is evident from our well-equipped infrastructure & domain experienced trainers.