About Training

Thakur Institute of Aviation aim is to enhance the capabilities and capacities of job seekers to make them ready to face the challenges of the emerging technological era. So to bridge the gap between the curriculum and training platform, Advanced Teaching techniques coupled with Actual Environmental training in a real Aircraft Scenario will upgrade the skill of an individual to grab the job opportunities.

Comprehensive Training For Cabin Crew/Air Hostess Needs

We Offer Air Hostess/Cabin Crew Courses and Airport Ground Handling Staff Courses practical and theoretical training across all aspects of emergency procedures and flight safety for Cabin Crew personnel. We have tailored our training programs to suit specific training needs to ensure that the crews are fully equipped with all the skills that they need to handle any emergency situation on board an aircraft and to guarantee maximum safety for passengers in all circumstances.

Cabin crew/Air Hostess training courses we offer include:

  1. Spoken English and Grammar .
  2. Aviation Standard Grooming .
  3. Personality development.
  4. Etiquettes International & Domestic Culture (EDC).
  5. Travel & Tourism.
  6. History of Aviation.
  7. General Aviation.
    • Generic SEP.
    • Firefighting practical drill.
    • First Aid Training.
    • Door Dril.
    • Safety Equipment Drill.
  8. Inflight Customer Service.
  9. Air Side Safety Guidelines.
  10. Aircraft Visit.
  11. In-Flight Services.
  12. Interview Skills Cabin Crew.
  13. Placement Assistance.

Duration of course: One year

Airport Ground handling staff training

Subjects offered:

  1. English communication.
  2. Grooming.
  3. Confidence & Leadership Skills .
  4. Table Manners and Culture .
  5. Travel & Tourism.
  6. Basic History of Aviation .
  7. Basic General Aviation .
  8. Airport Handling Procedures.
    • Check In.
    • Arrivals and Departures.
    • Disrupted & Delayed Flights.
    • Pre-Post Flight Procedures.
    • Handling Incoming Flights.
    • Ramp Handling.
    • Air Side Safety Guidelines.
    • Handling Special Passengers.
    • Mishandled Baggage.
  9. Customer Service Ground Staff.
  10. Aircraft Visit.
  11. Interview Skills Ground.
  12. Placement Assistance.

Duration of course: 6months

English Communication

On an individual level, it improves personality and increases the sense of self-worth. In simple words, learning the English language makes the brain stronger and more versatile. Learning English is not only useful, but it also gives a lot of satisfaction and personal progress will make you feel great. English is a recognized global language used professionally.


Self-grooming enhances your personality. Once you start presenting a better version of yourself, you'll notice a significant improvement in your self-esteem. A boost in self-esteem will allow you to be more comfortable which in turn, enables your true personality to come out and shine. Grooming includes- Hygiene, Make- Up, Attire, Clothes, Accessories, Colour, Appearance, etc.

Personality Development

Personality development helps you develop an impressive personality and makes you stand apart from the rest. Personality development also plays an essential role in improving one's communication skills. Individuals ought to master the art of expressing their thoughts and feelings in the most appropriate situations.

Etiquette & Culture

Etiquette helps us know how to treat others. ... Etiquette makes people comfortable and at ease, it shows that we value and respect others. Etiquette promotes kindness, consideration, and humility. Etiquette gives us the confidence to deal with different situations in life, it gives us life skills. Culture helps us create bonding with different types of people from across the globe.

Travel & Tourism.

Tourism involves travel and stay, and can also include day trips, business trips, etc. There is a movement of tourists from the place of origin to the destination. Tourism also involves a journey and services like transport, accommodation, catering, and sightseeing.

History of Aviation

Aviation began in the 18th century with the development of the hot air balloon, an apparatus capable of atmospheric displacement through buoyancy. Some of the most significant advancements in aviation technology came with the controlled gliding flying of Otto Lilienthal in 1896; then a large step in significance came with the construction of the first powered airplane by the Wright brothers in the early 1900s. Since that time, aviation has been technologically revolutionized by the introduction of the jet which permitted a major form of transport throughout the world

General Aviation

Generic aircraft know how, rules and regulations, cabin crew normal routine duties and responsibilities, cabin crew actions in case of any abnormal and emergency duties, etc.

Airport Handling procedures

In-dept. knowledge of airport/ground handling procedures right from reservation, check-in, boarding, arrivals duties, etc.

Aircraft Visit

Our facility houses a Boeing 747-200 mock-up for practical and hands-on training for both cabin crew and airport ground staff. This gives them a realistic feel of working within the airport/aircraft environment.

Customer Service

For any successful business, developing and selling a good product or service is only half the battle. Providing your customers with good customer support is just as important. It adds value to your product or service. It increases customer Retention and Recurring revenue. It results in positive reviews and brand image. It boosts your employee's morale and reduces turnover costs It adds value to your brand

In-Flight Service

This course is structured to train cabin crew on inflight meals and beverage services to the passengers. It also encompasses the need for today's onboard sales of meals and other merchandise products and duty-free items.

Interview Skills

Interview skills are an essential tool for all students in today’s world of employment as there is increasing competition for job vacancies. This is largely due to the rise in graduation rates, consequently, there are far more candidates applying for the same jobs.

These factors mean that good grades and appropriate work experience is no longer enough to secure you a job, which brings us to the importance of developing excellent interview skills to ensure you stand out to potential employers. Making a good impression in your interview is key, so being confident and well-prepared will greatly increase your chances of making it to the next stage of the recruitment process

Evaluation and certification

At the end of the course and post successful completion of all midterm modules, assignments/projects given and assessments TIA shall provide a course completion certificate to the candidate.

Soft Skills

Courses Will Culminate in developing your personality and character building, creating leadership qualities, raising your confidence, improving your efficiency, and fine-tuning your communication skills to handle customers and handle emergency situations in an effective manner.

First Aid

In order to attend to injured or sick passengers, elementary knowledge of First Aid is an essential and mandatory requirement. Trained Medical Personnel will impart this training in how to deal with medical emergencies during flight.

Evaluation & Certification

Based on class Performance, Class Tests, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews & Tel Etiquette simulation, Project/Assignments, and nearly cent percent attendance.

Career Options

    Cabin Crew-

    • Cabin crew.
    • Front office executive.
    • Guest relationship officer.
    • Ground instructor.
    • Airline operations management.
    • Airline cabin crew scheduling / rostering officer.

    Airport Ground Staff-

    • Airline ground staff.
    • Airline administrative staff.
    • Passenger relationship officer.
    • Ground instructor.
    • Airline operations management.

Placement Assistance

The recruitment and selection practice are based on the comparison of applicant attributes against competencies, demonstrated by top-performing employees through predictive analytics, and for that, Thakur Institute of Aviation is the only place to get trained, as we may be allowed to say.

We have set up a dedicated Placement Assistance Cell in order to help its students get their dream jobs after course completion. The team also facilitates on-campus interviews where the top brass from all the leading domestic and international airlines, five-star hotels, and reputed Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service organizations. The company has an excellent success rate in this regard, with its students being placed in leading international and domestic airlines, hotels, and reputed Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service organizations.